Cardigan Mountain Orchard

Steve and Nancy, both teachers, moved to this small country town in the late 70's with no intention of being apple farmers. They bought their small farm with the intention of trying to get enough apples off of the trees for their own personal use. More than 20 years later, both have left their careers in teaching and are now focused on the farm full time. The orchard was very run down when the Bleiler family first acquired it, but after years of hard work almost all of the original trees have been saved, and any more have been planted, bringing their total number to around 700. The whole family has worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to get their farm on its feet. It is well worth the effort, since they are keeping a small piece of history alive, and fulfilling an American tradition of living off the land. Feel free to contact us by phone @ 603-744-2248 or email

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