White Oak Pond Farm

White Oak Pond Farm is a small scale, certified organic farm in E Holderness and specializes in annual vegetables, perennial berries and fruits and gourmet wild and cultivated mushrooms. The produce grown here is done so with methods which encourage increased local biodiversity, ecological health and human health while preserving and protecting the land for future generations. Using techniques such as composting, cover-cropping, crop-rotation and the resting of gardens allows for high- quality, nutrient rich organic produce without contaminating the land or crops or exposing people to unsafe substances. No mechanized tilling occurs once beds and gardens are established. All soil is prepared with broadforks and rakes and other hand cultivation tools in order to preserve a healthy, productive and thriving soil ecology. Being certified organic is just one way White Oak Pond Farm ensures the highest of quality for the consumer. The farm is almost completely solar powered as well. With or without being certified by the National Organic Program, the objective of the farm is to grow the healthiest food possible for people locally, enhance and protect the natural landscape and provide sanctuary for the incredible and diverse flora and fauna of the region.
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