Welcome to Local Foods Plymouth

Local Foods Plymouth (LFP), part of Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI), is a 5o1c3 with the mission of minimizing energy usage and minimizing the carbon footprint through offering locally produced food that is easy to access. It is easy to buy local–Check out YOUR online New Hampshire Farmer’s Market! 

LFP  represents Diverse Local Vendors offering High Quality Products that are

Grown, Raised & Made in the Plymouth, New Hampshire Area.

How it Works

1. Click on your Favorite Local Products from Saturday at 12:00pm-Wednesday at 7:00am.

    (LFP closes to give Vendors the opportunity to prepare your items!) 

2. Pay using PayPal or Cash/Check when you Pick Up Your Local Products!

3. Pick Up Your Local Items on Thursday at the PAREI Office

(79 Highland St., Plymouth NH)  from 3:30pm-5:30pm

Become a Member 

Become a Local Foods Plymouth Member today and help support local agriculture

while receiving a 7% Discount from your weekly purchases!

 Meet the Vendors

Welcome to the Local Foods Plymouth Family!

Read about your Local Vendors and Meet the Families that share their generational

recipes and locally grown goods with you!