Balsam Fir seedling plugs (5 plugs)


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Grow your own Christmas trees!

These Balsam Fir seedling plugs are 2 years old and approximately 6″ tall. Unlike “bare root” seedlings, plugs have root systems that remain virtually undisturbed and as a result the chance of “transplant shock” is less likely.

Balsam Fir plug seedlings can mature to heights upward of 90 feet and serve well as a privacy screen or windbreak. An average growth rate of about one foot per year of dense foliage can be expected. Of course the wonderfully fragrant Balsam Fir is the quintessential traditional Christmas Trees of choice! Start an annual spring tradition – plant plugs now and enjoy the growth for years to come.

A gift for yourself or someone special the plugs are packaged in plastic and wrapped in burlap for a beautiful presentation.

High Altitude Tree Farm offers environmentally-friendly Christmas Trees, organic fruits, maple syrup, ciders, jellies and various products inspired by nature’s bounty…

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