Everybody’s Normal Bar Shampoo & Conditioner Set


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Product Description

Finally, an affordable and effective bar shampoo & conditioner for everyone!

Interested in trying an incredible bar shampoo & conditioner?

Shampoo: Formulated with sulfate-free, plant-derived surfactants (this isn’t a soap whose naturally higher pH will stress your hair), Everybody’s Normal Bar Shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft and extra squeaky-clean.

Conditioner: Rich in nutrients, shea butter, and plant-derived emulsifiers, this conditioner leaves your hair light, shiny, and tangle- and static-free! This bar conditioner does *not* behave like a liquid conditioner, but *does* leave amazing results! You will rub it on your hair and feel like it is not doing anything, but once you immerse your head under the shower, the water magically activates it. You’ll be wanting more!

These bars last for about the same as two bottles of liquid shampoo, travel well (remember when we used to travel?), and most importantly, eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic in your bathroom.

What makes our shampoo different:
*Sulfate- and dye-free
*Made from surfactants, not soaps (any “shampoo” that has saponified oils in their ingredients is a soap, not a shampoo. What does this mean? Soaps cannot drop below 9-10 pH without losing their integrity, while your hair is more an average of 5.5 pH. This means continuous washing with soaps will stress your hair out over time, leaving it flat, dry, brittle, and lackluster).
*Only essential oils and natural elements for scent/color