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Product Description

A blend of garlic scapes, parmesan cheese oil and spices that is great on a pasta or a salad – even on piza.

A pesto that is good on pasta, salad and even pizza.

Here’s a little of the backstory on the brands we’re currently offering –

Ruth’s Mustard – a family based business from Charlestown, NH whose flavors are all inspired by Grandma Ruth’s original recipe.  Ruth loved to feed her family and help those in need, so 10% of all profits go to “feed the need of others” in her honor.

Winnipesaukee Woods Farm – a certified organic farm in the Lakes Region where they recognize that there are many jars on the shelf, but it’s what’s inside and how it got there that makes their products different.  By collaborating with other Lakes Region farms and businesses, their products are focused on quality, flavor and building community.   Try one today and enjoy the taste of fresh, real local food!

Our Local Table – is Genuine Local’s house brand and reflects the variety of tastes and flavors that we have come to love over the years.  While there is a wide range to choose from, you can count on each one to provide amazing flavor, unique twists on familiar favorites and a commitment to making delicious food naturally.

Wood Stove Kitchen – delicious, unique drink mixes that are made with 100% natural ingredients from farms in New England and beyond.  We make it simple to enjoy mulled wine, spiced apple cider, hot toddies or distinctive cocktails and mocktails.

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